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CASA MAX INMOBILIARIA, Grupo Especializado en Bienes Raíces con mas de 36 años de experiencia compra y venta de Bienes Inmuebles en el Ecuador, si usted desea comprar vender o invertir nosotros le asesoramos en el sector de Bienes Raices. Nuestro objectivo es ofrecerle un servicio exclusivo, personalizado con Profesionalismo y Experiencia. Profesionalismo y Experiencia que se concretran en resultados Asesoramos a Empresas, Grupos empresariales, Grupos familiares e inversionistas privados

We have 36 years of experience in Real Estate, we had been representing buyers, sellers, Investors, and companies in United States of America and in Latin America-Ecuador. Second generation dedicated to Real Estate. Our mission is to offer our clients a unique, specialized and professional services helping them to make the best Real Estate decision. We have specialized in Real Estate Planning and Consulting for exclusive Properties Owners, Business owners, Investors and Companies. According your financial needs, we will prepared a custom made Real Estate Planning, seeking, identifying, evaluating and proposing with the only goal to obtaining the higher return in the shortest time. We will make sure that all your Investments is secure, we will use all legal tools to make sure of that assisted by Attorneys and Accountants specialized in Real Estate. Your privacy is very important for us, we will have a confidentiality agreement. Testimonials are available by request